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Retirement Planning

We hear a lot about retirement planning these days, but who exactly, should be planning?

Education Funding Planning

Parenting is never easy. From fetching your kid to school 6.30 am in the morning to reading bedtime stories.

Healthcare Planning

Imagine having a medical plan that guarantees hospital admission and takes care of your medical bill.

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    Allah gives the example of a bonded slave who does not own a thing and one whom We have granted enough riches, and he spends his wealth, openly and in secret. Are these two equal? All praise be to Allah! But most people know not! (Surah AnNahl; Ayat 75)

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Education Funding Planning

Congratulations! You have entered a new phrase of your life – Parenting. Parenting is never easy. From fetching your kid to school 6.30 am in the morning to reading bedtime stories late at night. Providing the basic necessities, to luxury lifestyle such as, piano class to annual oversea holiday. Besides being a parent to your child, you are also a child to your parents. Your parents have taken care of you all their life and soon it will be the time will for you to start to look after them.


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Critical Illness Planning

YES! Everybody needs it. Don’t ever think that you will be healthy all the time. The fact is that human health deteriorates over time.I have seen children suffered from cancer and kidney failures too.


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Income Replacement Planning

Most of us need to work to pay the bills. The mortgage, credit cards, electric, phone, water, council tax and the rest. Somehow, despite promises made about how computers would give us all lots of leisure,...


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